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Clueless charts have provided a consistent accuracy rate when it comes to predicting the volatile swings that occur during day to day market activities. Why continue to keep guessing when all you have to do is register...

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Behavioral Game Theory

Do you find yourself always chasing those short term tops, only to get slammed when the market unexpectedly reverses? Study under the best by utilizing Clueless_Trading B.G.T. Behavioral_Game_Theory and understand the inner workings of what’s really happening in the...

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Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment…

Traders consistently wait for that “Perfect Moment” to enter or exit a trade, not realizing THERE ARE NO PERFECT MOMENTS! Refrain from excessive ANALYSIS_PARALYSIS by utilizing Clueless’s unique perspective in order to learn WHEN to act, how to QUANTIFY your risk,  MINIMIZE your losses, and REAP...

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Stay Clueless!

The Clueless Method of trading entails an unorthodox & contrarian perspective when it comes to the turbulent financial markets

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These are just a few selections of some of the daily winning trades.  Providing an in depth look into the benefits of becoming a Clueless Trader

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“MACA” – Make America Clueless Again

I have been a member at Clueless8 for nearly 2 years. Before I came across Frank’s service I was constantly relying on retail trader advice on forums such as Stocktwits and was instantly sucked into the euphoria of the retail “muscle folks” who claim they made 200% on a trade (but also lost 90% on the other 10 trades executed). I knew nothing about technical indicators, knew algos existed but not how they functioned, and had very poor portfolio management in that I would sell a position at the first sign of trouble.

When I was fortunate enough to join Frank’s service I was instantly caught off guard on how knowledgeable Frank was on not just the stock market but also global economics and certain variables that affect the stock market.

Frank consistently publishes real time charts on broad market indices such as the S&P 500 and Russell 2000, select stocks throughout the trading day, and also pre and post market updates to the charts. Frank will also publish real time trade alerts that correspond to his charts. During my first week with Frank, I quickly picked up on the basics of Frank’s charting which proves that Frank has made trading relatively easy for those that put in a strong effort to understand how stocks move. A history of Frank’s work is available to any person considering a membership with Clueless8 that joins via his free week trial, and I strongly suggest to my friends and contacts to take Frank up on his trial offer to experience professional trading.

Frank also offers free weekly webinars published on his Youtube channel and also Advanced Coaching Sessions (“ACS”) which provide traders who truly want to understand technical patterns and keep their emotions in check an opportunity to better their trading selves. ACS is available to anyone for truly a nominal fee considering not just the profits traders shall make on future trades through Clueless8 but also the timeless knowledge traders shall glean from Frank who truly is passionate (and an expert) on today’s volatile markets. Frank will also schedule ACS to accommodate your own schedule.

While I have had many profitable days during my nearly 2 years with Frank’s service, I have also much to learn and sometimes let emotions get the best of me. I am glad I have the opportunity to learn from Frank and to have other support through Clueless8 members throughout the trading day in the Clueless8 chat room. I am truly grateful to have come across Frank and shall be a loyal member for as long as Frank is willing to continue his service. I hope anyone considering Clueless8 take this testimonial into consideration and simply try Frank out!


I have followed Frank since before he started his service and there is a reason I am still a member. He has helped me change as Trader and a person. I have learned a great deal about myself through his trading methods and Behavioral Game Theory and market understanding. He puts all the pieces together to help make you successful but you have to do the hard work.

Today was Fed day and Janet delivered as expect and thanks to Frank for the webinar breaking down each scenario that could happen and the real time charts all day long.

I made almost as $ much trading today in 2 hours around Yellen than I make in a month.

I was prepared, had the education and Clueless8_Trading RealTime charts added more confidence to the internal indicators today. Even with the fast flying Algos whipping up and down he did his own trading and sent out alerts that made serious money.

I do not know of any other service regardless of subscription price where you will find the interaction, amount of charts, daily buy/sell triggers and webinar access as Clueless8_Trading




Chart Set Up


Thanks a lot for helping me in setting up the charts at Thanks for calling me to set up chart layout like yours. It was quick/right away…Your are excellent. Your service is excellent….in fact, beyond excellent.

Your charts are clean and easy to understand with reliable indicators. I follow all your charts. Your charts are worth $$$$$$$$. ….Now I can have same look as your charts and can follow them on real time.

Thanks Again,

PROFITABLE Trading .. What is the Clueless8 Trading Service !

PROFITABLE Trading .. What is the Clueless8 Trading Service !

Some of you might be wondering why this service is called CLUELESS? Well, I was wondering too, and after listening to Mr.Frank’s videocasts, and attending his advanced coaching sessions, I realize, to be successful in stock trading, you need to be prepared and ready to take advantage of every situation in the market (move up, down or sideways). In other words remain CLUELESS or not mentally fixing yourself to be BULLISH or BEARISH.

Mr.Frank is a great teacher and teaches you everything you need to be succcessful in trading no matter what your style is – long term investor, swing trader or intra-day scalper. He has great charting skills and keeps the members informed through the good & tough times – using his realtime TWITTER feed, nightly/weekly videocasts, and the advanced coaching sessions on the weekend.

I have had the most successful week this week (last week of Jul 2015) in my last 2 years of trading using Mr.Frank’s excellent earnings release picks (AMZN, GOOGL, SCTY etc) and his precise charts for indices – SPX, RUT, IWM etc.

If you are serious about trading and want to become profitable, I would highly recommend you to become Clueless8 member, and most importantly TAKE ATLEAST 5 ADVANCED COACHING SESSIONS – where you will learn all about markets, technical analysis, behavioural aspects of trading which I have not seen anyone teaching to this extent in any other services I have tried.

Good luck to you!!




THANKS Clueless8_Trading !

honestly i don’t know where to start and end.It would be unfair to clue if i write and explain him and his work in little time frame and in this small testimonial.
i have learnt a lot about technical charting ,behavioral theories behind stock market moves and so on.i am still learning and benefiting from his work.

He is a very good teacher and he is one of the best out there.i made so much money with many trades given by him but the one recently made me close to $100,000.00 and i think i only learnt less than 1% from him because of my availability. i like to attend more and more ACS sessions.i am loving it.

i feel like i am the worst student he have and that is why i am attending more and more classes so i can be better than worst and learn about 50% or close to 100%.once i do that based on above number given i should be making millions.

It is Clueless8_Trading …right!!!!