Increase Your Odds

Clueless charts have provided a consistent accuracy rate when it comes to predicting the volatile swings that occur during day to day market activities. Why continue to keep...

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Behavioral Game Theory

Do you find yourself always chasing those short term tops, only to get slammed when the market unexpectedly reverses? Study under the best by utilizing Clueless...

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Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment…

Traders consistently wait for that “Perfect Moment” to enter or exit a trade, not realizing THERE ARE NO PERFECT MOMENTS! Refrain from excessive ANALYSIS_PARALYSIS...

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Stay Clueless!

The Clueless Method of trading entails an unorthodox & contrarian perspective when it comes to the turbulent financial markets

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Direct Hits!

These are just a few selections of some of the daily winning trades.  Providing an in depth look into the benefits of becoming a Clueless Trader

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Superb Service

Simply superb!

I subscribed last week and found quality picks so far. More importantly Frank spends a lot of time in educating readers on market direction and how things work rather than blindly handing out picks.

Membership is a no brainer imo, even if you do not trade daily money is well spent on understanding markets and placing quality trade whenever you have the time.

Amazing Service

Amazing Service, I’ve made enough in less than 2 weeks to pay for Frank’s service for over a year. The amount of work and dedication he puts into this program is insane. I am extremely Thankful for his services thus far.

Being an extremely young and a new investor I didn’t know much about the market, this ride has been an amazing learning process and has also helped me make some money to keep the College tuition down LOL!

Thanks Clue!!

Very Impressed !

I’ve been a long-time follower of Clueless8 on stocktwits. It was an easy decision for me to join his service after witnessing the incredible accuracy of his calls. After just one month with the service, I can tell you that I am more than impressed (and I am not easily impressed). The videocasts provide an excellent view into the clueless8 world of trading, and are very helpful in preparation for the days/weeks ahead. I am a very part-time trader with a full-time day job and two very young kids at home. Although I don’t always have time/capital to follow every trade/chart, I can tell you the trades that I have made with the help of Clueless8’s charts have been among the most profitable trades in my 8+ years of trading. This service is a “must have” for any trader, advanced or novice. You wont find a better value anywhere! I am truly grateful for everything Clueless8 has taught me, and would recommend this service to everyone.

Thanks for everything – printing money with this service!

Steve W.

NEW Subscriber Trade Profits !

NEW Subscriber Trade Profits !

Thanks for LNKD, PCLN, FB  Clue.

Been in them less than 30min, and already made more PROFITS that i have in the last 3 weeks!

 thx Clue. Ive been following you for over 3 years on ST. Now I’m glad you made it more private so you can teach us.



Bazooka $$ Trades

You *must* trade with Clue to see the potential power bazooka it gives to your account. Its just not trading with him, long term it will help master the real trading. Learning with him and bought the RUT calls last week when he alerted & when it was lows and nobody was buying.

My RUT Calls 1150C at 4.7$ gave staggering 700% returns at 29$.

There are many other long list of fast and furios trades … which we did ….the above is just an example.

Learn to trade with Frank to become a master of your own trades ….without dogma!

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