Increase Your Odds

Clueless charts have provided a consistent accuracy rate when it comes to predicting the volatile swings that occur during day to day market activities. Why continue to keep...

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Behavioral Game Theory

Do you find yourself always chasing those short term tops, only to get slammed when the market unexpectedly reverses? Study under the best by utilizing Clueless...

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Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment…

Traders consistently wait for that “Perfect Moment” to enter or exit a trade, not realizing THERE ARE NO PERFECT MOMENTS! Refrain from excessive ANALYSIS_PARALYSIS...

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Stay Clueless!

The Clueless Method of trading entails an unorthodox & contrarian perspective when it comes to the turbulent financial markets

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Direct Hits!

These are just a few selections of some of the daily winning trades.  Providing an in depth look into the benefits of becoming a Clueless Trader

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Stop Wasting Your Time & Join Clueless!

I have only been a part of Clue’s service for the past 2 weeks, but I have followed him very closely for over 2 years. As a fellow chartist, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Clueless’ work. He is probably one of the most talented, fearless, hard working pros out there. It’s no wonder he has over 10,000 FOLLOWERS on Stocktwits.

Once you learn his style and follow his charts, you will quickly realize how deadly accurate his charts and how consistent his calls are. No one can be a 100% correct, but Clue comes pretty close.

Those who are already following him on his real-time service are enjoying inside information on the moves before they happen. have already realized how eerily accurate his calls are and are banking huge profits. I also like that he provides a look into the overall markets and the macro-economic picture on a daily basis.

Its pretty straightforward. Stop wasting your time. Join the REAL TIME service. Learn from Clue’s EOD market and stock view. You won’t be sorry.

I highly recommend him.

AAPL : Intraday Alerts

Thank you sir. Got in on aapl calls at 6 and out at 8.

NEW Subscriber Trade Profits !

NEW Subscriber Trade Profits !

Thanks for LNKD, PCLN, FB  Clue.

Been in them less than 30min, and already made more PROFITS that i have in the last 3 weeks!

 thx Clue. Ive been following you for over 3 years on ST. Now I’m glad you made it more private so you can teach us.



I USED to be a typical Retail Trader…losing money. Not anymore!

You can study trading as long as you like, but there’s no substitute for doing it for real alongside someone who *really* knows what they’re doing. I’ve made more in my first two days of trading with Frank aka Clueless8  than I made in my best trades over the last year, during which I also lost a considerable chunk of my starting capital by making the typical mistakes that get retail traders fleeced. NO LONGER.

Frank doesn’t bombard you with a lot of technical detail (although you can get into that as much as you like), but provides very clear charts and specific actionable information.

On top of that, a really great feature he offers is his real-time Twitter REAL_TIME FEED : I get an alert on my phone when he sends out his tweets, so I can get my regular work done while waiting for the next trade update.

If you’re like me and are tired of being in the 95% of folks who lose money in the markets, then “get Clueless” so you can learn to be among the other 5% who *make* money!

Huge$$$ Day!

 6/5/14 Yesterday: shotta3613 :  New Member 

With CLUE’s  help I was able to make over $25k  today alone!  A great trading day for sure!


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