Increase Your Odds

Clueless charts have provided a consistent accuracy rate when it comes to predicting the volatile swings that occur during day to day market activities. Why continue to keep...

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Behavioral Game Theory

Do you find yourself always chasing those short term tops, only to get slammed when the market unexpectedly reverses? Study under the best by utilizing Clueless...

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Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment…

Traders consistently wait for that “Perfect Moment” to enter or exit a trade, not realizing THERE ARE NO PERFECT MOMENTS! Refrain from excessive ANALYSIS_PARALYSIS...

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Stay Clueless!

The Clueless Method of trading entails an unorthodox & contrarian perspective when it comes to the turbulent financial markets

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Direct Hits!

These are just a few selections of some of the daily winning trades.  Providing an in depth look into the benefits of becoming a Clueless Trader

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Market taking a bite out of your Trading Account?

My trading account used to have rabies until I found the Clueless8 cure.

I am not a professional trader and still have a regular job but I am getting closer to my goal of quitting that job thanks to Clue and all the members in the chat room. I have learned more, grown as a trader and my accounts increased exponentially since joining Clue than the previous 6 yrs.

Do yourself a favor and join to make profits, new friends and laugh in the face of a fearful market.




Thank You Clue !

Thank you Clue!

Your service is the real deal ~ your charts and levels are right on the money!

Daily picks and Real Time Alerts are Priceless!

Today, I bought and sold my LNKD calls for over 110% profit. For new or seasoned traders membership is a no brainer. Frank’s spends a lot of time on his Charts, Alerts, Market Analysis and educating all of us to be better traders.

~ Long Island

Risk Management – New Member

Risk Management – New Member





New Member

I’d Be Lost Without Clue!

Amazing call on the bottom today, waited per your charts, tweets, chatroom notes, picked up on the nice rebound. Thanks for sharing your phenomenal talents & experience!


RipBang – Member

Amazing Service

Amazing Service, I’ve made enough in less than 2 weeks to pay for Frank’s service for over a year. The amount of work and dedication he puts into this program is insane. I am extremely Thankful for his services thus far.

Being an extremely young and a new investor I didn’t know much about the market, this ride has been an amazing learning process and has also helped me make some money to keep the College tuition down LOL!

Thanks Clue!!

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