Increase Your Odds

Clueless charts have provided a consistent accuracy rate when it comes to predicting the volatile swings that occur during day to day market activities. Why continue to keep...

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Behavioral Game Theory

Do you find yourself always chasing those short term tops, only to get slammed when the market unexpectedly reverses? Study under the best by utilizing Clueless...

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Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment…

Traders consistently wait for that “Perfect Moment” to enter or exit a trade, not realizing THERE ARE NO PERFECT MOMENTS! Refrain from excessive ANALYSIS_PARALYSIS...

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Stay Clueless!

The Clueless Method of trading entails an unorthodox & contrarian perspective when it comes to the turbulent financial markets

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Direct Hits!

These are just a few selections of some of the daily winning trades.  Providing an in depth look into the benefits of becoming a Clueless Trader

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Wonderful Service – Time to Make Some Money!

Frank has done a tremendous job recommending stocks before big moves!

I followed him for on Stocktwits prior to coming over and trying his basic service for one month. I did not take participating in the group seriously and was overwhelmed by amount of the information. Then he encouraged me to sign up for RT at $60/mth, which sounds like a lot of money for a small investor until the market pays you back.

As someone with a full-time job, I did not dedicate enough time to follow his calls closely. Now, I wish I hadn’t made that mistake. His “Clueless Style” and unusual approach have sharpened my trading skills and for that, I am very appreciative.

Even though he is constantly on me for something, I admire his style!

Great Service, Frank! Thank you again.

Chris P


Amazing Service

Amazing Service, I’ve made enough in less than 2 weeks to pay for Frank’s service for over a year. The amount of work and dedication he puts into this program is insane. I am extremely Thankful for his services thus far.

Being an extremely young and a new investor I didn’t know much about the market, this ride has been an amazing learning process and has also helped me make some money to keep the College tuition down LOL!

Thanks Clue!!

Amazing Week


I made enough this week on your TSLA to pay for your service for the next 500 years!
A big THANK YOU !!!!

I could be retired by now if I had followed all of your recommendations
since April 15th.

Old Salty

ClueLess Guidance

Hanging on at the hectic, panic-ridden stages of abysmal market declines was Clue’s main contribution to my trading, with his charts and levels as a compass-guide, and for this I am truly grateful!


Beyond Impressive!


can’t thank you enough for all your work and dedication to helping others for a paltry fee compared to the education and wisdom you provide on a daily basis.

I am now getting close to my first months end as a RT subscriber and would like to now upgrade to a 6 month membership for your outstanding service my friend….

Have now had the best investing month of my life and have netted $230k and plan to give a nice 10% check to the wounded warrior fund as a donation another 10% to the SPCA (big animal lover here).

I know what it is like building a business from the ground up as I have done it myself. Takes many late nights and endless dedication to your clients and you my friend are no stranger to either of those. I will be sharing my great experience with others so keep up the great work and you will inspire many others to be great as well..!!


Jimmie G in Dallas area (Shotta3613)

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