My name is Frank R aka ClueLess8 .

I started posting some of my Charts on on Apr 27th, 2011 / SPX 1363 (approx.)
I am launching my Website/PAID Subscription Service  467 pts later / SPX 1830 (approx.) today April 15th, 2014.

I reserve the right to be fashionably late !

My entire Track Record is displayed in colorful Charts since 2011 for all to review.

I am a ex-Wall St warrior … served 14 yrs in the Urban Canyon on the Wealth Management side managing Retail & Institutional Portfolios.
Trading was a natural extension which morphed into a passion over the years which led to my transformation into a Independent Professional Trader on a full-time basis.
My academic experience on the Undergraduate & Post-Graduate levels were centered in Boston, MA.
Having had the luxury of extensive worldwide travels & brief periods of residency in Europe & Asia afforded me a deeper insight into Global Economic & Cultural norms.

My Trading Strategy is Unorthodox & Contrarian employing a variety of Technical Analytical tools / Behavioral Finance / Economic & Political Game Theory / Fundamental Analysis & battle-tested Wall St Experience.
I am non-dogmatic market-agnostic w/ an ingrained Bullish-Bias. My Global experience/insight negates a Bearish world-view at least for the next 10-20 years.

I remain an eternal student of the Markets and ready to adapt to the changing Trading/Investment landscape.

I am a loving & devoted husband & father.
I am a very Private & Family-oriented individual & reserve the right to terminate the service on a 30-day notice.

My motto remains: Stay Humble / Be Grateful / Stay Clueless !

Thanks for the Follow & Membership.