Trading Success

I followed Frank since before his started his service Clueless8 Trading on StockTwits and joined the service in the very beginning. I have stayed with his service for many reasons. I have been on other services and find Frank to be the very best in educating traders and helping them be successful.

When I was fortunate enough to find Clueless8 Trading, I was frustrated by the lack of consistent profits even with other services that sell themselves as stock educational experts with daily charts and chatrooms. They really do not compare in content here and that includes some rather popular services out there.

I have participated in numerous paid ACS Coaching Sessions and listen to the free Webinars he puts out on the Clueless8 Trading Channel on YouTube.

Frank very quickly changed my mindset on reading charts, blocking out the noise and how to be consistently profitable as well as hit home runs when they come along. I continue to attend as many webinars as possible to recalibrate and clean out any bias I have towards Index or Individual stocks or bad habits. He is very open and extremely honest with his coaching and will make you a much better and profitable trader.

Unlike other services who give you a few charts to start your day, Clueless8 Trading starts your day with more charts than anyone and then as the day unfolds he is constantly updating the Realtime Tactical trades if they turn direction or critical news comes out. His charts are very clear to help you manage the upside and downside. He puts out Swing trades, Short Term or Day trades, Speculative trades and LOTTO Option trades. He has something for every time frame traders need to manage a portfolio regardless of if you trade Full time or Part time on top of your regular job.

I am now at the point in my trading path where I am able to react very quickly to Franks charts with an understanding of the big picture and the also ALGO HFT High Frequency Trading computers and what they can do.

Through Clueless8 Trading service I have routinely seen 100-400% options trades and the occasional trade much higher than 400%.

Thanks to Frank I have been able to remove a lot of emotional mind games we all play with ourselves on trades and stay with trades, average down or have better entries and exits.

I cannot say enough good things about the service and the man behind it all.

Do yourself a favor and sign up as a Gold or Platinum Member or do the  Free Trial, go on YouTube Clueless8 Trading Channel and watch the free webinars. I think you will agree that if all these popular and expensive services out there and if Frank charged the same price, he would still be the Best Trading Service.

I will forever be grateful to Frank and his family for helping to change my family.


Swimming the Market




"MACA" - Make America Clueless Again

I have been a member at Clueless8 for nearly 2 years. Before I came across Frank's service I was constantly relying on retail trader advice on forums such as Stocktwits and was instantly sucked into the euphoria of the retail "muscle folks" who claim they made 200% on a trade (but also lost 90% on the other 10 trades executed). I knew nothing about technical indicators, knew algos existed but not how they functioned, and had very poor portfolio management in that I would sell a position at the first sign of trouble.

When I was fortunate enough to join Frank's service I was instantly caught off guard on how knowledgeable Frank was on not just the stock market but also global economics and certain variables that affect the stock market.

Frank consistently publishes real time charts on broad market indices such as the S&P 500 and Russell 2000, select stocks throughout the trading day, and also pre and post market updates to the charts. Frank will also publish real time trade alerts that correspond to his charts. During my first week with Frank, I quickly picked up on the basics of Frank's charting which proves that Frank has made trading relatively easy for those that put in a strong effort to understand how stocks move. A history of Frank's work is available to any person considering a membership with Clueless8 that joins via his free week trial, and I strongly suggest to my friends and contacts to take Frank up on his trial offer to experience professional trading.

Frank also offers free weekly webinars published on his Youtube channel and also Advanced Coaching Sessions ("ACS") which provide traders who truly want to understand technical patterns and keep their emotions in check an opportunity to better their trading selves. ACS is available to anyone for truly a nominal fee considering not just the profits traders shall make on future trades through Clueless8 but also the timeless knowledge traders shall glean from Frank who truly is passionate (and an expert) on today's volatile markets. Frank will also schedule ACS to accommodate your own schedule.

While I have had many profitable days during my nearly 2 years with Frank's service, I have also much to learn and sometimes let emotions get the best of me. I am glad I have the opportunity to learn from Frank and to have other support through Clueless8 members throughout the trading day in the Clueless8 chat room. I am truly grateful to have come across Frank and shall be a loyal member for as long as Frank is willing to continue his service. I hope anyone considering Clueless8 take this testimonial into consideration and simply try Frank out!


Simply the Best!

Clueless8 Trading.

What can I say? This service provides everything a trader could need to navigate the markets effectively with precision and strategy. I’ve been with the service for about a year and it has changed the way I look at markets completely and dynamically enhanced my technical analysis skills. It has also sharpened intangibles in my trading mentality. The amount of knowledge and market experience is priceless. I’ve literally had days that I have doubled my entire account balance because of this service. Absolutely the best bang for the buck I have experienced. Other online services I’ve tried typically have other motives (i.e. selling you their indicators or books) and provide zero client support. This service is simply about mindset, in depth charts and tactical positions. Everything is real-time with 24/7 support and guidance.

The charts are incredibly detailed, and Frank uses multiple platforms to get defined looks at chart dynamics. Everything from levels to channels, pattern recognition, combined with simple indicators and candle dynamics make the charts completely comprehensive. It makes it very simple to see where the ALGOs are moving so you can follow their moves and not be shaken out of trades with the herd. You will literally be an ALGO destroying machine. This service has given me the ability to take confident positions and the knowledge needed to enter and exit a trade with precision.

One thing this service offers that has made the most gains for me is the Advanced Coaching Sessions. Frank is an incredibly adept teacher with passion and unmatched intelligence. He’s worked on Wall Street and has been in the markets for decades. His knowledge is paramount, but the way he teaches and spends hours with students is incredible. He can be passionate and abrasive, but it gets me excited about markets and trading. The charts are amazing, but the hours I’ve spent in ACS sessions have really taught me how to use them. Frank has also taught me trade management, portfolio management and how ALGOs operate to steal money from you. I started buying single sessions, then 5 sessions… now I just buy 10 sessions at a time because they really are that good and I keep getting consistently huge returns because of them. They cost money, but a fraction of what you would pay for a monthly subscription to another service that wouldn’t provide you anywhere near the insight and personal support.

I start my trading day reviewing Clueless8 alerts and charts and go from there. Throughout the trading session I can rely on alerts and analysis to manage trades. If I need anything… ever, Frank has always been there. Even throughout last year while I was deployed with the military. Frank made time to have ACS sessions with me from across the world. This service is the best investment I have made… period!




Snappin Necks and Cashin Checks

Excellent, Precise Trading Charts

Anyone wanting to understand where markets are going and looking for clear direction as to what to trade, and when, would be well served by joining Clueless8 Trading service.

Have been in a few chat rooms but none have come even close to the information, market analysis and precise levels to trade that I've found with Clueless Trading.

Thanks Frank!



Join, just join, if you want to make real $$'s!

I've had 3%/4% up days in my account prior to joining Clueless.

Today alone my account is up 15% as a result of trading the charts Clueless8 Trade Alerts  - No question, this is the best trading day I've ever had!

For those serious about making money, I strongly recommend joining the service and trading what you see!


New Member



Hands down best trading site/coaching I found. P/L positive from the get-go.
Account up double digit % from last weeks lows. All Tactical, charted, even spoon fed trades !

ACS Advanced Coaching classes applicable for profits straight away. Frank gives out his vast experience and expertise daily before,during, and after market hours. All for pennies.

I am not exaggerating when I say you cannot get this close to a Wall Street professional, and trade right along side him daily, for this price! You just can't.

Many trades make 100-300% over a day or two, out to a couple weeks. Some (quite a few make even more (I dont post these % returns because no one would believe it).

Thanks again Frank for the tireless dedication and work ethic you bring to your service!

member since the launch of the service

Kerry Novak


I have followed Frank since before he started his service and there is a reason I am still a member. He has helped me change as Trader and a person. I have learned a great deal about myself through his trading methods and Behavioral Game Theory and market understanding. He puts all the pieces together to help make you successful but you have to do the hard work.

Today was Fed day and Janet delivered as expect and thanks to Frank for the webinar breaking down each scenario that could happen and the real time charts all day long.

I made almost as $ much trading today in 2 hours around Yellen than I make in a month.

I was prepared, had the education and Clueless8_Trading RealTime charts added more confidence to the internal indicators today. Even with the fast flying Algos whipping up and down he did his own trading and sent out alerts that made serious money.

I do not know of any other service regardless of subscription price where you will find the interaction, amount of charts, daily buy/sell triggers and webinar access as Clueless8_Trading





Trading Portfolio ROI 500%+

Hi ..just wanted to share my personal experience at Clueless8_Trading .

Since trading with Clueless8 since the end of April 2016 my small 10k account has grown to 65k.

The 500% account growth was not from 1 handful of lucky lottery trades that returned 1000% plus on the position but were rather size allocated based on my account value (about $500 at the start and then $1,000-$2,000 now for options).

Frank / Clueless8_Trading  knows the market and the pesky algos and he will do everything he can every day to make sure you understand how to beat the ALGO_HFT Programs too!

When I joined I was very uncomfortable with every tick price during the day but Frank's precise charts posted on his Realtime Twitter Feed along, his Behavioral Game Theory Thesis to eliminate human emotion from trading, and his ACS Advanced Coaching Session Webinars have seriously benefited my growth as a real Trader.

I still have much to learn from Frank but I do know you're in the right place if you would like to react properly to today's market moves.

Thanks Clueless8_Trading !



Wish i knew about this service earlier..I've been to a few trading chatrooms and feeling mostly dissapointed with their service..

With Clueless Frank , i've more than x3 triple the value of my account..

Precise entry and second to none technical analysis..you don't need to go anywhere else..its all right here..

thanks alot Frank


New Member


fauzi hassan

ROI = 350%

I joined this service 8/11 and I can't think of a better value in the industry.

This is a no hand holding and no holds barred boot camp style of learning that is changing how I think about the stock market.

With all the services (one on one dialog, chat room, twitter feed, real time videos, weekend training sessions), I'm becoming a better trader day by day.

5 weeks into my membership, I've had a return of +350%!! Tell me where else you can get that return and learn a skill at the same time.

Thanks Clueless8_Trading  (Frank) for all that you do!



New Member



Precise and Impressive

I joined Clueless8_Trading  free trial thanks to the recommendation of other traders from another chat room.

From the first day of interaction with him, his constant posting of charts, and the details within his charts I was absolutely blown away at his precision. So after watching for a couple of days I traded on his recommendations and wanted to see how this really worked.

Honestly there were a couple times I would have let my emotions get the most of me and bail a stock but instead I let it run to where he said it was going. And sure enough he was correct!!!

I was very impressed to say the least. I've made 5 figures on a couple of trades which I probably would have never traded if I hadn't had the confidence in Frank.

So anyone looking to make serious money without the emotion and drama of other chat rooms this is the room for you.

Frank is a no BS kind of guy, very blunt, and tells it like it is. This is exactly what I needed to get back on track.
Frank....thank you so much for helping me and your ACS classes are the best.

Can't wait until Monday to see what you have in store for us.





Thank you for your Excellent Service

I joined Clueless8_Trading service on end of SEPT 2015.

I quit my 8-5 job just after 1 and half month of joining his service.

That's how much confidence I got joining his service. What I say about Frank's work - his technical charts/videos/coaching sessions are excellent. Just follow his inflection points in charts, you will make $$$$$. Now I am enjoying every seconds of my life doing what I dreamed of.

Reason I am writing this 2nd testimonial is Frank's service has been very important part of my life. Thank you Frank!
Recently, I went to Nepal for 6 months; during that time I closely followed his tweeter feed and I was able to make 5 figures from other side of the world.
In last 2 months I haven't been to his chat room or ACS class but following his tweeter feed and videos has made me to do what I need to do in trading and make money.
I am writing this today to express my gratitude to Frank.

Thank you Clueless8_Trading !



Paras Bhandari

Awesome Service, Teaching, Alerts from the Master who is Clueless 🙂

Clueless [Frank],

After being member for quite some time (Although I haven't been a member for long), I can not begin to describe how fruitful your services are.The best part I learned and still learning is patience, behavioral theories managing profits, not to be emotional.

I joined several services earlier in my trading career but this is the place where I want to be.

I have never seen a person who puts so much time, effort on daily basis on those live feeds and alerts with charts to all the members.

Frank I am really thankful for the way you changed my trading skills with your great charts.

Thank you again for giving me a clue into the clueless arena what we all call the stock market.




Vikram Vantair


Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Clueless (Frank).

I have subscribed to several services throughout the years and I must say Clue's site has taught me a lot in the last month that I have been a member, mostly patience.

Rather you are a beginner or even think you are advanced trader, you should really sign up or refer your friends or fellow traders to Clueless8trading. Clue puts enormous amount of time in his charts and post to help you see what to look for.

Cant wait to make more $$$$


Liz Blackstock

THANKS Clueless8_Trading !

honestly i don't know where to start and end.It would be unfair to clue if i write and explain him and his work in little time frame and in this small testimonial.
i have learnt a lot about technical charting ,behavioral theories behind stock market moves and so on.i am still learning and benefiting from his work.

He is a very good teacher and he is one of the best out there.i made so much money with many trades given by him but the one recently made me close to $100,000.00 and i think i only learnt less than 1% from him because of my availability. i like to attend more and more ACS sessions.i am loving it.

i feel like i am the worst student he have and that is why i am attending more and more classes so i can be better than worst and learn about 50% or close to 100%.once i do that based on above number given i should be making millions.

It is Clueless8_Trading ...right!!!!





New Member : Best Service !

Clueless8 services are one of the best available today.

Start learning today by listening to market trades and commentary from a seasoned expert. i've made several trades that have been very profitable. More important the goal of the services are to make each member a better trader.

Highly recommend that folks join asap!



New Member


Longtime Member, here's why I'm still impressed

Clueless --

I've been a member for several years now and am consistently amazed at the accuracy of your charting and the work you put into the service. It's been invaluable to me, and to many others, who have full-time jobs but want to invest for rapid growth.

Won't brag on my total return here but my tenure with Clue should speak for itself. My advice to any prospective member is sign up, take a few coaching lessons to really learn about how Clue charts and how best to enter/exit a trade to manage profits and losses, and then start in with a few calls a week. You'll see how deadly accurate Clue calls 'em, and how with a little tolerance for volatility you can consistently bank 2-3x trades without watching every tick.

Thank you, as always, Clueless8!





All Clueless8 Members Gain an Advantage on the Algos

If you truly are committed to learning to trade successfully or correcting your own trading errors there is no better service to turn to other than Clueless8. Anyone can become a successful trader using Clueless8’s service so long as they diligently refer to all of Clueless8’s charts, become a lion in a field of sheep, do not allow emotions to turn a good trade into a loser, and work hard to always learn. Algo robots dominate today’s markets. Clue has the mind and ability to help guide his members through extreme market volatility.

Clue constantly uploads detailed general market index charts, individual company charts, and other commodity/economic charts to his private twitter feed throughout market hours. These charts allow all members to understand why a stock has moved where it has and also marks certain levels the stock should move to in the coming days. Clue allows members to join in on weekly interactive coaching sessions to explain how to read charts and update on market technicals and global news affecting market movement.

You may think you know enough about trading and the general market to succeed, but once you begin to use Clueless8 you will quickly realize you have much to learn. Clue offers a chat room that is invaluable to all active members who can offer support to other members during market hours. If you are skeptical simply try the free week trial Clue offers. Also, no account is too small to trade. I have turned a $500 account into $2400 in just over 2 weeks using Clueluess8’s service (and no this was not just 1 big option win…I made multiple small lot trades and won).

Clue is also a friendly guy and so are other members of the service. This is the type of environment that makes trading fun even on slow market days. I challenge all skeptical viewers of Clue’s site to try him out.

Joe B.



New Member

My first beginners introductory video session was very informative. Frank Clueless8 Trading gives you lot of trading pearls on what to look for.

He is a knowledgable, straight to the point, no bs type of person.

KISS - Keep it simple stupid.


David T

New Member


Challenge Fears and Overcome Market Volatility

This service has changed my trading vision.

Frank Clueless8_Trading  gives me the information and tools to act on my own daily. He also shows me why through coaching sessions. The combination of the two create a rare platform to overcome the fear of losing.

The chat room is great and his tweets relay trade information to me in real time. Advanced coaching sessions answer my questions about the why and where things can go. It helps me stay prepared for major moves that cause the other 90% of traders to lose. Franks stays neutral and plays both sides of the market which has saved my account many times in these volatile markets.

I have increased my wins since joining and learned to feel good about my smaller loses. Without those smaller loses I cannot make money and be successful. If I followed everything given to me here I would be doing even better.


Jason P


Jason Pierce



I have been a member of the Clueless8 Trading Service since it's inception, April 2014. Frank (aka Clueless8) is the most dedicated teacher. Very willing to share his knowledge of chart patterns, economics, and other factors that drive the markets.

Always look forward to his advanced coaching/training sessions. In this algo- driven volatile market, I am very grateful for his experience and how he helps navigate all the members through it.

Can't say enough about his hard work!!! AWESOME & AMAZING!!!
Honestly, if you want to be a better, successful, more disciplined trader-- this is the ONLY place to be! THANK YOU, Frank!




The last few days have been red with what many said was a top and a correction was needed.

Frank delivered a great 1 hr 48 min coaching session and his usual daily charts along with behavioral game theory on why we would consolidate and then most likely continue up. My computer would not cooperate with twitter today so I missed the real time charts and updates throughout the day. However, I was prepared enough and have been working with Frank since the second month of his service and followed him before it started.

The coaching sessions have been critical to this very technical market. I took everything he taught me and managed my trades for one double and several 30-50% gains today. I traded the downside and again to the upside when it reversed as planned as seen on his charts and on the QUODD program.

Clueless8_trading provides a very highly valuable service and his accuracy is scary good. My emotional quotient has changed a great deal and today was proof that when he provides the tools I can build a good house.


Swimmingthe Markets




Tom Ganz

TRADE Consistency : 'Sniper Effect'

I have been a member of Clueless8_Trading  Club almost for one year now, it has been a great learning experience and of course Profitable at the same time.

What Frank aka Clueless8 does is amazing especially with his charts which are like a sniper - "deadly accurate" !

In this stock market game there are very few traders who can get it right, but Frank is one of them as long as you understand his chart patterns, BGT (Behavioral Game Theory) and Pattern Symmetry.

Its amazing that intraday he can produce so many charts for members, not many services do that with deadly accuracy. I am just amazed at his work ethic, and he also has time for fun in his chat room at times(lol).

What has inspired and changed my perspective in trading is getting a consistency ratio of more than 90% on trades, and recently I have now focused my trading on the SPX which Frank introduced to members. It has made me more confident on my trades and the levels he posts are pretty darn accurate, and the targets are hit more often than not.

I am truly humbled after 15 years in the market, I have learnt a lot more from Clueless8 club.

Thank you Clueless8_Trading & Frank for a great experience so far. Your hard work is appreciated, and thank you for keeping us humble especially in these Volatile Markets.





Advanced Coaching Sessions and B.G.T. (Behavioral_Game_Theory)

Tuesday night I attended an Advanced Coaching session that covered primarily  Clueless8 B.G.T (Behavioral Game Theory).

Frank gave us what someone called a "tough love" session and talk that helped me tremendously in my trading yesterday.

We mainly chatted about the mental discipline required to be successful in this business and what actions are needed to make real money trading as well as another review of the nuances and understanding of Clueless8 charts as they help navigate our uber volatile markets.

I think I'm a pretty good chartist by now but have a little trouble trusting what I'm seeing and then acting decisively.

Well after that coaching session my Clueless trading of yesterday's morning washout and reversal bounce helped me act decisively and yielded a solid 5 figure profit for the day!

Sign up and attend the advanced coaching sessions - they work!



MEMBER since 2014


Jim Dubrowsky Jr

Traders Roadmap

Frank at Clueless8_Trading  is every Traders Roadmap.

Volatile days or not, Frank is always laying out his Precise and Tactical charts. Not only is he in chat with us , he also does live Periscope Broadcasts on Twitter REALTIME FEED & informs us of his trades thru Twitter during RealTime Trading.

The 3 months I have been with Clueless8_Trading, I have made more Winning Trades$ as well as Trades 10x the investment, sums I really didn't believe one could make on Stock Options.

Every Sunday night is Advanced_Coaching _Sessions  that gives us the Roadmap for the upcoming week.

It truly is amazing seeing the path of the market, before it even happens..




My Clueless 2015 year in review

I would like to end 2015 by saying I am proud to be a part of the Clueless8 family.

I have had many excellent coaches and teachers in my life. Clueless8 aka Frank ranks right up at the top with the best of them. I’ve learned more about trading and markets and Global Macro-Economics in the past year than I ever would have from taking a high level MBA course at NYU.

I’ve also learned much about myself this past year. I’ve become an excellent Clueless8 chartist. I’ve conquered many of my old irrational market fears.

I can now feel and understand the market much better than I ever have. I know about confluence and inflection points and know what to do when prices hit those levels.

I know never to bet against the Clueless8_Trading Charts !

I also know I have to fight being dogmatic every day and must only deal with what is happening in front of me. I know I need to follow and trust the Clueless8 Charts and trust my own judgement and act!

I had lots of winning trades last year. I also had many losers. While most were small, I learn most by analyzing them at the end of the year. The big losses resulted from my being dogmatic. One time I held UVXY too long into an uptrend thinking the market could not go higher. Another one I was long oil and USO and way went over my normal position sizes with some call options that went to zero too quick. I won’t be making those mistakes again!

I know that there’s still a lot I need to work on especially with my trade management but I’m getting it thanks to the patience and persistence of our Clueless8 leader. Advanced Coaching, Daily Market Reports, a neverending stream of awesome charts and trading wisdom. There is so much to learn here and we all should be thankful to have such an excellent coach. You can’t get this type of education and experience anywhere else!

Here’s to a great 2016 for all!



Jim D



Jim Dubrowsky

Disciplined and Tactical Trader to the Extreme

I've been a Member with Clueless8 for years and must say Clueless* is the best Market Tactician in both bull and bear markets hands down. His dedication to his members and commitment to helping them to not only trade based on his timely alerts but to be able to understand and rationalize the reason behind engaging in those trades.

Many thanks Clueless for the time and effort you spend daily educating and charting for your members.
All the Best, Nadar


QUODD Software Training and Understanding Charts

I have followed Clue since before his service and a member shortly after he created it. I have learned a lot about myself and the market. I changed my mindset to think and look a the market differently and understand the charts better. I have been able to increase my consistency and know when to trade small and when to add on for big moves.

Tonight was our first QUODD charting service webinar and I was able to gain insight into putting my trade management skills together with better chart understanding and reading the tea leaves.

My life and family have been changed by Clue and I will forever be grateful. He provides the tools and it is my job to build the house.


Tom G


Tom Ganz

%800-%1100 ROI's appearing on my screen more and more frequently!

Life changing year for me.

Looking forward to 2016 in the Clueless8_Trading Club!

Perceived Value is Huge for what is charged per month --- Live Chat, REAL_TIME Twitter Feed, Periscope Updates, Webinars-that go 1-2 hours overtime for No Charge!

I am officially a Full-Time Trader now I have been following Frank R for over 3 years and have been in many other services, not only are his Technicals phenomenal, he has that X-factor that ties all the forecasting together--->the Global -Macro/ ALGO_HFT/Game_Theory that is NOT found on charts or on Stocktwits/Twitter etc.

A 'MUST' for navigating the New Age of Volatility!

No hand holding, Manage your own Trading Book a key philosophy here. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the service directly on Stocktwits.






Profit while Learning

I have honestly learned more about Myself AND the Market in the past few months that I have been with Clueless8_Trading  than I could have imagined. Couple that with daily and weekly wins on the order of 200%, 400% and even 800% and it has been a life-changer.

I still aspire to trade with the confidence and brilliance of Clueless8  and many of the other inspiring members of his service.

Every day is a new experience.

These are Life Skills. Truly. Enough leaving my future to the brain-dead Fund Managers or the mercy of the silicon-based ALGOs.



Graham P.





Clueless8_Trading Member/Trader Feedback

Clueless8_Trading Member/Trader Feedback


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Bader 2015-05-29_1202 Scott_JPC_2015-05-27_1546 Val_2015-05-26_1617 sudhir_2015-10-16_1609 Savvy_2015-10-16_1054 VIPS1000_2015-10-14_1714 Sudhir_2015-10-13_1201 GURU_2015-10-13_1119 PARAS_2015-10-13_1028 TATSBOOM_2015-10-13_1013 PARAS_30k_2015-10-09_1211 VIPS1000_2015-10-08_1358 GonTM_2015-10-08_1345 justcommons_2015-10-08_1333 GonTM_2015-10-06_1405 TatsBoom_2015-10-04_2317 Testimonials_-_Coaching_ fish_10k_2015-10-02_1600 PARAS_2015-10-02_1219 Rob_bergenty_2015-09-30_1512 Paras_2015-09-29_1602 NKE_Chat_2015-09-24_1730 VICS_spx_2015-09-18_1539 DW_2015-09-18_1453 Savvy_2015-09-17_1547 Fisheyes_2015-09-15_1207 DW_2015-09-14_1427 MCira_2015-09-13_1936 VIPS_!_2015-09-11_1309 Mark_2015-09-11_1307 VIIPS1000_2015-09-11_1204 KJS_2015-09-11_1146 Fisheyes_2015-09-09_1609 VIPS_2015-09-09_0913 Fisheyes_2015-09-09_0858 Guru_periscope_2015-09-04_1625 Clueless_ALGO-Omega-Cooperman_2015-09-03_1603 Aurreth_2015-09-02_1605 KJS_2015-08-27_1622 Todd_new_2015-08-27_1529 ARC_2015-08-12_1312 tatsboom_2015-08-05_1720 KJS_2015-08-04_1101 Wayne_new_member_2015-08-03_2212 GURU_2015-07-30_1622 Chatroom_Chat_2015-07-30_1253 RK_2015-06-25_1319 Scott_2015-06-19_1450 Tom_2015-06-16_0910 Savvy_Scott_2015-06-12_1249 Thomas_2015-06-11_1458 Arc_Coaching_2015-06-10_1356 BriCan_2015-06-10_1256 VAL_2015-06-10_1138 VAL_Coaching_2015-06-09_1606 Guru_Coaching_2015-06-09_1604 brican_2015-06-09_1554 ST_Mentions_ JL_CMG_2015-06-05_1159 EHIC_-_Rahagar_2015-06-04_1601 ARC_2015-06-04_1042 Arc_2015-06-03_1240 JL_2015-06-03_1104

My Best 2 Weeks Trading ever with Excellent Service of Frank

Where do I start from? Wow!

One of the best thing I did subscribing his service. I never had this success before in trading.

After joining Clueless8, listening to his video cast, reading his chart, the confidence I have now was never there before. Fear was always there but now fear is in way south. I joined his service two weeks ago. In 2 weeks, I am already 5 figures up just simply following his chart and video cast. The live periscope videos throughout the day are awesome which boost my confidence. With full time 8-5 job, I am already banking large $$$ -what else you need.

Frank aka Clueless8 always amaze me with his very accurate charts. He gives you very clear message on what is going on in market. He prepares you for both bullish and bearish situation.
I had subscribed three different services in past and I tell you what Clueless8 is superior. I highly recommend to subscribe his service if you are struggling on market.
I wasn’t expecting at all that I would get a call from Frank next day after joining his service.
His coaching session is great. I have been one so far. I am going to join more soon.
Lastly, I can say this I am very blessed to be part of Clueless8_Trading Service.

And Thank you so much Frank for your excellent service.
Member since End of SEP, 2015

Paras Bhandari


Thanks to the Clueless8 service, I just had my Best  Week Trading ever!

Solid 5 figure$$$  gains on a super volatile and really scary up then down then up again week when many were sitting around watching and waiting for a “confirmed uptrend” or some bullshit signal to give them the all clear to invest.

I’ve been a member here since the beginning.

The Clueless8 Charts and advanced coaching truly brought me to a whole new level of advanced market understanding and trading. I’m no longer freaked out at 830am on a Friday morning when the market tanks 300 points in 15 minutes on a bad but misunderstood jobs report. Deep down I suspected that Frank would be calling out a fantastic buying opportunity soon and watched and waited for the call. Sure enough after about an hour a Clueless8 SPY chart comes out on the stream showing a solid retest of the downtrend line. Next came a trade suggestion to buy weekly SPX 1905 calls.

Having confidence in Frank’s call and a solid understanding of the chart shown, I bought a bunch at $5.00. Another hour later the market magically fully reversed and was running, I sold a bunch at $11.00 for a 120% gain. I sold the rest at lunchtime for $16.00 and a 200% gain! It turns out that these calls closed the day at $38.00 !!

Imagine buying one $500 out of the money call on a Friday morning that closes at $3800! Imagine if you had the balls to buy 5 of these for $2500 going to $18000 or even buying 10 of them for 5 grand moving up to 38 grand! WOW!!!!

Sure this was a special day and a great call by Clue, but I know these kind of things happen more often than not around here.

This is a pretty special place and we are lucky to have a guy like Frank ready to guide us.

My advice to you, do it - SIGN up, get involved withe the Group Advanced Ciaching Sessions  and pay attention - you won’t regret it!



Member since April 2014


Thank You Clueless8

Frank, Thank you so much for the advanced coaching, webinars, charts and passion you bring to your service! I have been a member a long time and every time we interact I realize how little I know about how the real game works.

You teach us how to read the markets and what we should be monitoring. When your real time Twitter trade updates come across the feed it is very exciting because you have proven time and time again that if we have the courage to act there are REAL gains to be made. I wish you continued success!


Ed Morgan

Recipe for Success in Trading

Even in the market turmoils and the volatile trading environment Clueless8 provides spot on targets on market daily and hourly, excellent easy to understand charts indicating what to expect, combined with advanced coaching sessions taught by Clueless8 are the perfect recipe for success in trading....the resulting dish ($$$) tastes very yummy! Lol Thank you Clueless8 for the hard work and effort you put in everyday to provide us with the tools needed to succeed, really appreciate it.









Webinar was great preparation Clue, I sold most of my leftover calls in the morning and played easy today knowing we were going to have a volatile and choppy session.





Endo Orphin

Clueless8 : Invaluable Technical and Mental Conditioning

The coaching sessions are the key to unlocking the charts. Charts contain the information, but you have to understand the why.

Sessions gained me confidence to know why instead of asking why all the time. My sessions so far have showed me how the service and the information meld to create a very successful tool.

Clue is explaining his charts and indicators in detail and giving me the edge to see what others are not. Thanks for making me see things differently and how I read the the tape.

Invest in your trading education and it will pay off!



New Member

Jason Pierce


As a new member to the service I am thoroughly impressed with the insight in terms of charts and understanding the inner workings.

I am not a full time trader at this point in time but with the help from Clueless8 I just might become one.
Solid service



New Member



Stunning !

Between the comprehensive Coaching and timely, precise trades, the Clueless8 service is an indispensable way to improve your trading.

I didn't take more than a few minutes to realize I had come to the right place!



New Member


Get off the Trading Treadmill

If your trading plan has had limited or the same results you need to sign up for advanced coaching sessions. Doing the same thing will get you the same results. The charts Clue puts out there are extremely helpful but when you learn how they work in either direction, how to profit and the psychology of HFT or mutual funds you will be WAY ahead of the game. I work full time and only did three trades last week PCLN, SPY and VIX and doubled my monthly salary.

Do yourself a favor and stop waiting and sign up.

If you wait until you're ready, you'll be waiting the rest of your life.


TG - SwimmingMarket



Tom Ganz

PROFITABLE Trading .. What is the Clueless8 Trading Service !

Some of you might be wondering why this service is called CLUELESS? Well, I was wondering too, and after listening to Mr.Frank's videocasts, and attending his advanced coaching sessions, I realize, to be successful in stock trading, you need to be prepared and ready to take advantage of every situation in the market (move up, down or sideways). In other words remain CLUELESS or not mentally fixing yourself to be BULLISH or BEARISH.

Mr.Frank is a great teacher and teaches you everything you need to be succcessful in trading no matter what your style is - long term investor, swing trader or intra-day scalper. He has great charting skills and keeps the members informed through the good & tough times - using his realtime TWITTER feed, nightly/weekly videocasts, and the advanced coaching sessions on the weekend.

I have had the most successful week this week (last week of Jul 2015) in my last 2 years of trading using Mr.Frank's excellent earnings release picks (AMZN, GOOGL, SCTY etc) and his precise charts for indices - SPX, RUT, IWM etc.

If you are serious about trading and want to become profitable, I would highly recommend you to become Clueless8 member, and most importantly TAKE ATLEAST 5 ADVANCED COACHING SESSIONS - where you will learn all about markets, technical analysis, behavioural aspects of trading which I have not seen anyone teaching to this extent in any other services I have tried.

Good luck to you!!






New Member

I joined Clueless8 just over a week ago and can't believe the great calls that Clueless8 provides with accuracy and realtime twitter feeds. It has been a great experience and the group coaching sessions are helping improve my chart/technical analysis skills which add tremendous value in trading.

I highly recommend Clueless8!
Thank you Clueless8!

New Member


Chart Set Up


Thanks a lot for helping me in setting up the charts at freestockcharts.com. Thanks for calling me to set up chart layout like yours. It was quick/right away...Your are excellent. Your service is excellent....in fact, beyond excellent.

Your charts are clean and easy to understand with reliable indicators. I follow all your charts. Your charts are worth $$$$$$$$. ....Now I can have same look as your charts and can follow them on real time.

Thanks Again,



My first one on one with Clueless8 was awesome to say the least. NO BS when it came to answering questions and letting me know what I need to do as a trader to succeed and honest feedback on what I was doing wrong.

I still need more mental toughness when it comes to sticking in trades but that will come as my chart analysis and skills get better through taking these coaching sessions. Already taking what I have learned yesterday and applying it to today.

There is no reason to lose money by learning on your own when there are people like Clueless8 who are passionate about teaching others and helping them no matter their level of knowledge or years trading.

I have finally found someone who can teach to me in a way I understand. Will be taking many classes to come! Cant thank you enough Clueless8.

Come join our team and stop missing out due to mental fear.....


Joshua Cacho

Chart Set Up


Thanks a lot for helping me in setting up the charts at freestockcharts.com. Thanks for calling me to set up chart layout like yours. It was quick/right away...Your are excellent. Your service is excellent....in fact, beyond excellent.

Your charts are clean and easy to understand with reliable indicators. I follow all your charts. Your charts are worth $$$$$$$$. ....Now I can have same look as your charts and can follow them on real time.

Thanks Again,


CLUELESS8 is the Man!

I've been a part of a number of Trading Services to assist me with options over the past few years, but none of them have given me the knowledge and the success that Clueless8.com.

The very reasonable monthly pricing and the great Coaching Rates cannot be beat and this service would work wonders for anybody trying to make a living in the Trading Business.

Thank you Clue!!!!!



In advance coaching sessions, I've learned a lot from observing chart patterns and how to interpret them. I have learned to be disciplined and patient and I am sure that I can begin to profit in my trading.

Thanks Clue



Mr.Clue - Wonderful Mentor

I started trading a couple of years ago and tried a few services like Clueless8.com, but I have never seen a person like Mr.Clue who will go above & beyond your expectations - to make you profitable in your trades.
Most important of all, he TEACHES you everything you need to know to be successful in trading - through his daily market update videos, private twitter feed and private chat rooms.

I was a member of this service for 4 months, but I decided to unsubscribe as I didn't know how to make use of his stock picks & charts properly. His charts had so many lines all over & different colors, and it was not easy to understand. But after I attended his Advanced coaching sessions, I am learning now what Mr.Clue is trying to communicate in each of his charts he sends through private twitter feed.

If you are really serious about trading,I strongly suggest you subscribe to this service and MOST IMPORTANTLY AT LEAST 5 SESSIONS OF ADVANCED COACHING & I can assure you (as I have done it), you can make this money in just one or two trades after you subscribe.

Thanks for reading my testimonial and wish you good luck!


Guruprasanna(Guru) Subbrayan

SUBSCRIPTION - Cutting out the NOISE !

Let's face it, there is sooo much information out there and so many salesmen and commentators selling us junk and giving us a gazillion useless opinions on TV, and StockTwits, and Twitter, and CNBC, and Bloomberg and on and on. It is mind boggling and almost impossible to sort through it all and make sense of any upcoming day for the average guy.

Clue is expert at sorting through all this BS and the opinions and propaganda and misdirection plays we are thrown every day. Every morning he gets right to the point and calls it the way he sees it. He sends us the most relevant articles, provides expert analysis and explanations of important upcoming events, provides specialized charts showing market strength or weakness, and extremely ACTIONABLE and TIMELY and beautifully drawn STOCK CHARTS! We get a daily actionable trading plan and strategy along with full access to a fantastic chat room with a bunch of terrific and helpful members.

I dare anyone who is a doubter to take any random one of the Clueless8 charts posted and back-test it. See what happens. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can do this with over 90% of the charts and trade suggestions posted and can figure out in a very short time that these charts are money!

Clue not only provides the goods, he is a great guy who cares and makes sure each and every member understands and is up to speed by scheduling private or small group advanced coaching sessions. These cost a little extra fee and take some time but are way worth it. In a very short while you learn that Clueless8 charts and price-action of stocks and indices all make sense in a very Clueless and profitable way!

I used to be fearful and was one of those guys sitting around scanning charts “waiting patiently” for the perfect set up which almost never happens. You don’t make any money staring at bear flags and worrying.
Embracing VOLATILITY is what we do at CLueless8. And we can make crazy profits while everyone is sitting around waiting for that perfect set up.

The Clueless8 service is for me, the Master's Degree of Finance and Trading that I have been searching for for many years.
I’m proud to be part of it!

Join us! This is a great community with a great Clueless teacher.

Jim Dubrowsky Jr


Listen up.
The fees Clueless charges are ridiculously low for the degree of expertise he delivers day in and day out. How much did you lose on your last bad trade? Probably enough to pay for at least six months of Clueless8 Platinum service.
My entire outlook regarding trading is shifting, due to Clue. I now believe I can succeed in trading. In fact, I'm succeeding right now. From his End of Day commentaries, to the Individual/Group Coaching sessions, the numerous charts providing insights into technical analysis and stock internals, plus his posting of his own trades so you can follow along, combine to make this subscription service the only place to be.


Thomas S

Jumping without a parachute if you don't take Advanced Coaching Class

This is my number 4 of one on one lesson and have 8 to go for me I keep adding dots from clueless8 ocean of knowledge.

mark Bader

Mark Bader

Best Service

I have been a member for quite a few months now, and have done very well simply following Clue's charts.

Little did I know that I didn't really realize what there was to "see" and "know" from one of his charts.

I took a group class and wow! I had ranked my knowledge of charts on scale of 1-5 as a 3 when class started. After a one hour class (which lasted 2 full hours), I realized I was by far a 1 before class started. He took a SP-500 chart and made it so simple. Couldn't believe what I had not been seeing.

Thanks again, I will be in many more classes. (only the price of a large pizza!)






Advance Coaching

I`ve been member since may of 2014 and enjoying his service and now that Clue has offered advance coaching sessions and i took that group session and learn a lot from it.

He spent almost two hours even it should be for only 1 hour he made sure everyone understood right and amount of time he spend it well worth it .

Thank you mr. Clue for everything that you do.

Roger G.
RG 90


Blind without Advanced Coaching Class

Clue is excellent...the coaching class was very informative. EVERYONE MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF COAHCHING CLASS SESSIONS...MUST...MUST...I personally recommend to take 5 sessions bundle..one is never enough to learn what he knows.... These coaching sessions will not only save your $$$$ and but also help you to make $$$

Clue explains everything in detail on how to read charts, indicators, BGT etc. in this sessions...so next time you don't trade blindly...at least now I look at the charts, internals before trade...

Learn from Best...






Mark Bader


Ammar Bader

Excellent Service

I've been a member of Clueless8 since the start.

EXCELLENT service that provides amazing charts, videos, real-time feed, and a great group of people. And it gets better...participated in my first group advance coaching session. Very informative and am enrolled for more plus the one-on-one. Always learning and want to learn from the BEST

—CLUE! He is the real deal!





Informative Session

Thanks so much for the Sat group coaching  session! It was informative and interesting. You went way over the time slot but that's what happens when your on a roll.

Looking forward to the next session. I am in for sure.




Ed Morgan

Complete Traders Package!

First year of trading actively without direction was a wash. Now solidly in the green after joining Clueless8 and using "Clueless coaching". The daily chatroom/ twitter feed posts provide actionable, immediately applicable information folks. Recent Priceline trade netted 600%.

After weekend hour long coaching session, 100% return on Netflix the following Monday.
These are just two recent examples...many more.
You will not find a better trading site for the money!
Clueless8 is a true Stock Market Alchemist.
Thanks again Frank aka Clueless8!



Kerry Novak

Amazing Service with Proven Results

Clue, wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you do and sacrifice to help us. I have been with you for two weeks and have increased my trading account by 20%, deploying minimal amounts of capital. I sat amazed at PCLN this week as I made 700% ROI. I have already learned a lot watching your Videocasts, EOD, and EOW Reports.

I have looked for a long time for someone like you to learn from.

I cannot wait to continue my education with you. Again, thank you…this is going to change my life and my family’s future.



Doug A.

Doug A.

Best Trading Site

First, I would like to thank Clue for having such a wonderful community and service.

Joining the Clueless8 service, in April 15, 2014 (when the IWM was 'possibly' going to breakdown at the $105 level, I have to say that the guidance and wisdom provided on the site is bar none.

WIth all of the End of the Day Reports, Real_Time Twitter Feed, and ChatRoom service, I just don't know how Clue has the time to commit to the wonderful 1 on 1 coaching sessions that he has started.

It was a great experience and I would recommend it to any trader that wants to become 'serious' about making some money in the markets. When the cost is less than what most pay in commissions in a given day, you aren't really losing much in my personal opinion.



MEMBER since June 2014



Before i start i want to Thank Clueless8 for taking some time away from his family on a beautiful Sunday morning to do a Coaching Session 1 on 1.

I will make this brief and short.

I have been trading the market for about 14 years on and off but took trading seriously for the past 3 years. I have done extremely well last year on my own thanks to God.

A good friend of mine on StockTwits told me about Clueless8 and that was last year November 2014 thing have changed in a Positive way.

Here at the ClueLess8 Headquarter you are getting what most people will dream of finding. Alerts, Charts, Videos, Reports, Coaching and much much more.

With all honesty I have never ever see so far anybody like ClueLess8 maybe there is l'm not saying there is not but they will come with a hefty price tag on them this is my opinion.





Ammar Bader

No Regrets!

One of my favorite Clueless8 mantras is "the pain of regret is far worse than the pain of sacrifice". It's uncanny how Clue does not know me personally but actually knows me as a trader better than I know myself. I have sacrificed the last 6 years trying to learn how to trade the market consistently. Sometimes I had success and sometimes (more than I'd like to admit) not mainly due to my own illogical fears and biases which caused me to not trust what I was seeing. I found myself being emotional rather than tactical and was making stupid rookie mistakes like chasing and then stopping myself out at the lows, buying failed breakouts, selling failed breakdowns and then when the time was right I found myself staring at good chart setups for too long and not acting.

Fear and bias were causing frustration which caused inconsistency and had a negative effect on my P&L. Listening to Clue’s pre-market and EOD reports really got me back on track. These reports not only address the current market and specific stock recommendations, they also directly addresses these psychological issues that we traders face every day! And the more I listen to him, the more confident and determined I became in my trading and understanding of the market.

So for me, the Clueless8 service is way more than great charts. It is great coaching with great charts. I recently did a 1 on 1 coaching session and found Frank to be smart, funny, interesting and super helpful. I would highly recommend that any trader who is struggling or on the edge over whether or not to use this service to sign up and try it out - you won’t regret it!




Jim Dubrowsky Jr

Excellent Coaching Session

I followed Clueless on StockTwits before his service started and have been a member from early on. It was the best decision I ever made. I have learned more in the last year than the previous 5 years combined.

I had my first coaching session and got more information and feel more confident in my trading than I expected. He really takes the time to go through all your questions and dig deeper into understanding his charts. Even though I think his charts are very clear, I now understand a lot of the background to go with the lines and targets he puts out.

I will definitely be signing up for more coaching.

If you took only one of the Clueless charts and made money, do yourself a favor and use that profit to join the service and get some coaching. You will never find anyone who puts out more charts and makes himself available every day to help people. After my coaching session I feel I have more tools to build my house.




Tom Ganz

Master Class - Advanced Coaching Sessions

Spent another evening taking Round 2 of the Clueless8 Master Charting Class.

The puzzle pieces keep falling into place and with the ongoing support I get at Clueless8 much of the knowledge I brought with me is being refined, defined and implemented in fresh ways of looking at the market.

If you're on the fence about scheduling a One on One, hop off and try it (but bring some snacks and a drink, this might take awhile ;^)




Scott Miller

Awesome 1 on 1 coaching

Thanks a lot Clue for 1 on 1 coaching session.

It was very informative, educational and helpful. You helped me with charting, chart patterns and how to read charts. The session thought me the indicators , entry point and exit point, etc...You also Now I can be a better trader by understanding your chart. Also, thanks for going in details with some of my favorite stocks charts. I recommend everyone to take advantage of this clueless opportunity.

You are awesome...I have gained 50-300% on trades with your help.

YOU ARE truly 'clueless'.






ADVANCED_Coaching Sessions

Hello -

I joined the Clueless8 service a few weeks ago after one of my friend from another service recommended Clueless 8.

I personally talked with Frank few times over the phone. He makes himself available if you want him to talk him and have any questions. I was super amazed to see his involvement and willingness to make you understand his forecast and his style of trading. This is exceptional service that I have ever experienced before.

I also took an hour coaching session with Frank for which he charges a small fee and I say that it's fully worth it. It was very valuable for me to learn his technical indicators, trading style and the general overall market conditions.

As part of the Clueless 8 service, you get to see lot of charts and his thoughts on where a particular stock is moving. He also gives buy points which is very helpful information for the traders.

My personal experience with 1:1 coaching session was very positive & incredible and I am looking forward to schedule few more sessions in the near future. Absolutely love the service and what it offers to all level of traders.


New Member


MEMBER Appreciation

Rahagar_2015-04-08_1321 XFanman_2015-04-02_1202RK_2015-04-02_0859FOK_2015-04-07_0935   Sunny_2015-04-01_1340 JDUB_2015-04-01_1010 Coaching_Sessions_2015-04-09_1539 Lagarde_Rally_2015-04-09_1216 FOK_googl_short_2015-04-09_1056 xfan_coaching_2015-04-08_1936 Xfanman_2015-04-08_1922 MEMBER_SHOUTOUTS__2015-04-08_1331

NEW MEMBER - Testimonial

I joined the Clueless8 service a few weeks ago after following Frank on Stocktwits for some time. I think it was after my first or second post in the chat room that Frank saw I was new and asked me when a good time to call me was. I was FLOORED!

We spoke later that afternoon and Frank took the time to explain his style and ask some questions about me. Of all the services I've belonged to NONE have ever done that before, emails, maybe a text, but never an unsolicited phone call.

Later that week I scheduled an hour with Frank to go over his ADVANCED COACHING charting one on one. He charges a small fee to do this and it was WELL worth it. I've been trading a number of years and am familiar with most of the technical indicators at some level but the valuable part for me was seeing how Frank implements and executes his trades based on his reading of the charts and the general market conditions. Frank posts a LOT of charts and having this insight into what he's thinking and how he's coming up with his trigger/buy points and targets is really valuable, useful information.

Instead of the hour that I scheduled, I looked at the time and we'd been reviewing charts and information for 2 hours and 20 minutes one on one. One word...Incredible.

Now that I've been with Clueless8 for a few weeks and really watched his inflection/pivot points, buy areas and sell targets unfold, he has an uncanny read on stock movement and market psychology. Price movement more often than not unfolds almost directly as he's charted. In my own trading I'm more relaxed and focused and am making better trading decisions. Between using his alerts and interpreting his charts I'm confident my trading will continue to improve.



New Member


Scott Miller

Having a Great Time

Clue has been right on in his Forecasts.

Since I signed up he has done the one on one which really helped understand his thinking. I am making money and having a blast doing it!




New Member


Tom W.

MEMBER Comments in Volatile Markets

KC_XFan_2015-03-30_1206 Fokusan_2015-03-20_0959 SPY_Lottos_2015-03-13_1339 MoJo_2015-03-02_1800 Rahagar_2015-03-24_1347 J_Sten_2015-03-23_1354 obgyn_fok_2015-03-20_1642 Mark_2015-03-20_1158 Fok_2015-03-20_1107


Clueless8 is the service I have been searching for. Tried several others, without results. Clue's tireless research and battle hardened experience with Wall street's games, combined with daily REAL-TIME actionable charts are priceless!

You don't get this anywhere else on the web.
Thanks Clue,
K. Novak

Kerry Novak

MEMBER Comments








Fok1_2015-02-24_1040   TSLA_2015-02-19_1423TSLA_2015-02-24_1023 BGT_2015-02-19_1452 obgyn_2015-02-20_1303 Members_2015-02-20_1507 FEAR_Wisdom seashell_2015-02-20_1721 Trading$_2015-02-20_1725 SPY_210_Lottos_2015-02-20_1726 Savvy_2015-02-23_0053 Savvy1_2015-02-23_0053 Savvy3_2015-02-23_0053

Risk Management - New Member






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Actionable Charts

Thanks so much for the actionable charts and worldly insight. I love reviewing your reports and charts because I know the ranges you display are where the market may be going. If the market decides to throw a curve ball your charts show the breakdown levels and "all hell breaks loose" LOL.

The best part of my day is when the bell rings because I am ready to trade with a clear understanding of the trading environment. Plus your real time twitter feeds keep your subscribers in the "hot stocks" detailing precise levels and exit points. Your service has changed my life.



Ed Morgan



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Heya Clue,..just wanted to say. you know I've been around and have made a few trades... certainly one of the most fearless and best looking traders in the room (!).. Just lately I realized, thru all this work we've been doing, that there is a whole layer of fear and hesitance that was there and has moved away. Pretty cool.

Thanks for gradual the upgrade! (you know, no straight lines, have to zigzag to get there!)



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AAPL Earnings ER



What if you had an edge?

A true chart proven edge on where a stock may be going short term. What if you love options but know how quickly they can turn against you? After all, options expiring next week or even tomorrow can pack the biggest gains imaginable. I have been a member of clueless8 since inception and I can attest to the fact this Gentleman provides actionable charts, trading ideas and a "predictive game theory" with an uncanny accuracy that WILL give you an edge that can even feel unfair at times.

Please try this service and decide for yourself. Thanks very much Clue!




Ed Morgan

I USED to be a typical Retail Trader...losing money. Not anymore!

You can study trading as long as you like, but there's no substitute for doing it for real alongside someone who *really* knows what they're doing. I've made more in my first two days of trading with Frank aka Clueless8  than I made in my best trades over the last year, during which I also lost a considerable chunk of my starting capital by making the typical mistakes that get retail traders fleeced. NO LONGER.

Frank doesn't bombard you with a lot of technical detail (although you can get into that as much as you like), but provides very clear charts and specific actionable information.

On top of that, a really great feature he offers is his real-time Twitter REAL_TIME FEED : I get an alert on my phone when he sends out his tweets, so I can get my regular work done while waiting for the next trade update.

If you're like me and are tired of being in the 95% of folks who lose money in the markets, then "get Clueless" so you can learn to be among the other 5% who *make* money!

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Ahead of everybody with Tactical Trades

Thanks Clue for the knowledge you implant with global macro analysis with tactical trading. If someone really want to trade, trade with Clue - do your homework with his charts and knowledgable vidoes ; He is always there to back you up with timely alerts and suggestions.
While everybody on the street was uber scared, confused, pessimistic .... we had the nice opportunity to buy SPX and SPY calls. SPX 2040 calls went from 5.7 to 20+. SPY 203 calls went 400 times from .75.
As Clue always says : "Scared money never wins - Conquer Fear is step one to Win"
We continue to be Clueless non-dogmatic approach to continue $$ making chances.
Welcome to the club ...start with trial and you would not regret .... work hard, learn and follow the Clueless charts and you will win.





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Traders Following ClueLess8


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As good as it gets

Clue is on top of his game.

This guy is insightful, analytical, detailed, knowledgeable, and so damn sharp. One of the best…..keeping up with what's he's got to say is a no brainer. Enough said.



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Axita Patel

Amazing Service, Unbelievable Value

In writing this testimonial I will try to be as modest as possible because if I tried to convey the true value of this service people would not believe me... it would seem too good to be true.

All I can say is I was lost but now I'm finding my way. Clue gives you all the tools you need to really succeed in this game. He's patient, approachable, and works really, really hard to make sure his members have the proper tools to succeed.

When I first started subscribing to the service I did not see consistent results because I wasn't practicing proper risk management (despite clues constant reminders about taking profits and MYOT [minding your own trades]) When I finally surrendered and did everything exactly as clue instructed I started seeing immediate and consistent results. I cannot tell you how much of a blessing it was to find clue and this service, I feel so unbelievably fortunate... The chat room on the website is great for engaging with successful smart traders, the videocasts are priceless, and the real time tweets give you the flexibility and confidence to be able to walk away from your screen and know that somebody is looking out for you. I'm less stressed, more confident, and learning so much more than I could have imagined every single day. After about a month of being truly 'clueless' [actively engaging and practicing proper risk management] my account is up 100%. I will check back in a month or so to update readers on my progress. I was able to double my account in a month without ever putting more than 20% of my account into the market and without any sleepless nights. Don't get me wrong, the market can be quite painful at times, but Clue and the traders in the chat room help give you the support and the discipline needed to control your emotions and weather the storms. The service is truly remarkable, you will not be disappointed.


Mike P


Michael P.


I must admit, I poked around skeptically as a free member, and had very little money to use. Within 5 trading days, I turned $500 into $5000.

Clueless charts are so spot on its actually scary. This is not a daytrading, speed kind of guy. He gives you the tools, you have to use them. Pick your entry, stay calm if that entry is not perfect, and then reap the rewards within a day or two.

I would recommend the Clueless method to anyone.


Randy W

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Randy W


Just signed up to clueless site and we got AMZN option play that potentially paid up to 1000%
I got out at only 500% LOL! Thanks CLUE
So far so good...no great!



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AMZN Clue direct hit!

Clue, just cleaned up on your AMZN  call!

AMZN Nov 305 ...   3.2 to 8.5  in three days! thank you, you are one of a kind.




Excellent Trade-Education

I lost most of my money before fortunately stumbling onto Clue's site.

In the first week based on clue's Alerts , I made +650% on SPY calls and + 50% on TSLA puts.

I can now confidently build up my capital again with clue's help. Thanks clue!!!




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Fantastic Service-Fantastic Trades

Have made consistent profits on Clueless trades since day one.

I signed up well before "free trial" was over.. 2nd-3rd day I think. These can be tough trades as Clue looks thru the noise and makes decisions where most traders are at the peak of despair!

Learn to read Clues charts, mind your trades and think for yourself and you can do no better than trading here. THANKS CLUE! best.. perma-member




Quality Subscription

Im new to this service and already I have seen great plays that net 100% to 300% that seem to be the norm.

Cant get this kind of info from ST, as well clueless is a great caring guy who takes the time to approach you individually if your having problems, and the chat is fast paced and full of good ideas and good banter.

Great sub if your struggling in the markets and getting beat up, it will turn things around for you.



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Daniel Shumik

Market taking a bite out of your Trading Account?

My trading account used to have rabies until I found the Clueless8 cure.

I am not a professional trader and still have a regular job but I am getting closer to my goal of quitting that job thanks to Clue and all the members in the chat room. I have learned more, grown as a trader and my accounts increased exponentially since joining Clue than the previous 6 yrs.

Do yourself a favor and join to make profits, new friends and laugh in the face of a fearful market.




Tom Ganz

Direct Hit!

Clueless gave a price target on NFLX of 380 to his members. I was reluctant and didn't buy CALLS until 2 days later. But his price target was a direct hit and the call options I paid $2.35 for, I sold for 5.45$. Imagine if I would have bought 2 days earlier!

The best part of the service is that it's not just buy/sell alerts.

Clueless teaches with the charts so that you understand and learn as you're making money. Highly recommended!



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Drew Weston

2nd Day !

Second day here and I've already got some winning trades under my belt.

ClueLess8 is the way to go!



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New Member

I followed Clueless8 on Stocktwits for a long time and always knew him to be a great trader. Glad I finally decided to come have a look at his website and join to get his insight and trade calls here. He has a great eye for the markets, and great timing on calling trades.

I've booked some nice profits from trades already in the first week here and know there will be many more in the future!



Mew Member

Richard Hagar

AMZN Winner !

Clue called it perfectly again.

Alert sent out in the morning calling an Entry point and hours later a 300% gain on AMZN Weekly Calls.

Confidence in his charts is a key to making decisions like that!

Thanks Frank!



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Jared Stennes

Top Shelf Service

All Hail CLUE!

I have been in the clueless village for 1 day and have already booked 100% profits on FB weekly calls, left some money on the table but one cannot complain about 100% in one day!!

His Timing Parameters are top notch, and entry levels are just as precise, excited to be apart of this site and looking to watch my accounts grow as we all take advantage of the upcoming bear market!




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Bennett Knox

EOW Reports

Another Great report Clue...

highlight quote: "a person has to have an opinion, if u dont have an opinion ur not really a person".

(haha thats just brilliant!!:)

just want to Thank You again for the top notch quality service that you are providing everyone here...charts, viewpoints, psychology. don't think most here incl myself could manage to survive in this market without your help...good thing is i feel i have grown as a trader in the last 6 months thx to you. so thx again n have a good week ahead.




ClueLess Guidance

Hanging on at the hectic, panic-ridden stages of abysmal market declines was Clue's main contribution to my trading, with his charts and levels as a compass-guide, and for this I am truly grateful!




I'd Be Lost Without Clue!

Amazing call on the bottom today, waited per your charts, tweets, chatroom notes, picked up on the nice rebound. Thanks for sharing your phenomenal talents & experience!


RipBang - Member


Get in the Game : Behavioral Game Theory

Clueless8 has raised the bar to unattainable levels by any other service I have used.

This includes my own financial advisor!

Large outsized profits today alone 20-120% gains in PCLN, GOOG,IWM, and others. Buying last week (July31-Aug1) while every financial media outlet was screaming of a falling sky, made for an amazing Monday!

My Trading account is up and locked in gains of 17% today alone!

If you are reading this and have not signed up...it's costing you money. Get in the game...Behavioral Game Theory, that is.
This and too much to mention here is lined out in road map form by Frank's service.

Thanks Frank for the volumes of work you put in for those of us uneducated in the financial markets, so that we can get a piece of the American dream of prosperity and financial security.


K Novak


Amazing Service

Amazing Service, I've made enough in less than 2 weeks to pay for Frank's service for over a year. The amount of work and dedication he puts into this program is insane. I am extremely Thankful for his services thus far.

Being an extremely young and a new investor I didn't know much about the market, this ride has been an amazing learning process and has also helped me make some money to keep the College tuition down LOL!

Thanks Clue!!


Great Service

I have been following Frank for 2-3 years now.

His humor was the reason I signed up for Stocktwits, jk it was those beautiful Crayolas.

In 2012, Frank helped me double my trading account, at that time I was new to option trading. I was only trading stocks for about 3 years and options for about 1. My account was mid 5 figures at that time and I think I invested 35%-40% of my portfolio in to RUT and IWM weekly's/monthly's!! I suggest you not try that! My initial investment was around 5% but as it went down I was doubling down like a mad man. I was also crying like a little girl the whole way down. It ended up working out, but it taught me a couple hard lessons. To make big gains you have to have conviction and only risk what you can lose. Since then I learned to manage my money and won't be investing 40% of my portfolio in one trade.

Everyday, Frank gives us a road map and puts out Day Trades and Swing Trades, so this service is for everyone. He is a Contrarian, but a very good one because of his analysis. You can learn a lot about Game Theory (political, economic, behavioral, and the list goes on). His charts are extremely accurate, as well. I stepped away from day trading (early 2014) to focus on work, so I am new to the site but not new to Frank's style.

I have had Frank's service for a week and a half  but have had huge gains in LNKD, TWTR, ISRG, GOOGL. I don't trade as much as I use to, but for $60 a month.

Frank aka ClueLess8 is a must!  I suggest everyone who hasn't signed up, do it. You won't regret it.

Oh, one more tidbit, Frank's advice has helped me double my account on multiple occasions since the first time. It did not happen off one trade (like the first time) but through multiple 500%+ trades, throughout the year.

-LaMichael James


Thank You Clue !

Thank you Clue!

Your service is the real deal ~ your charts and levels are right on the money!

Daily picks and Real Time Alerts are Priceless!

Today, I bought and sold my LNKD calls for over 110% profit. For new or seasoned traders membership is a no brainer. Frank's spends a lot of time on his Charts, Alerts, Market Analysis and educating all of us to be better traders.

~ Long Island


NEW Subscriber Trade Profits !

Thanks for LNKD, PCLN, FB  Clue.

Been in them less than 30min, and already made more PROFITS that i have in the last 3 weeks!

 thx Clue. Ive been following you for over 3 years on ST. Now I'm glad you made it more private so you can teach us.





Wonderful Service - Time to Make Some Money!

Frank has done a tremendous job recommending stocks before big moves!

I followed him for on Stocktwits prior to coming over and trying his basic service for one month. I did not take participating in the group seriously and was overwhelmed by amount of the information. Then he encouraged me to sign up for RT at $60/mth, which sounds like a lot of money for a small investor until the market pays you back.

As someone with a full-time job, I did not dedicate enough time to follow his calls closely. Now, I wish I hadn't made that mistake. His "Clueless Style" and unusual approach have sharpened my trading skills and for that, I am very appreciative.

Even though he is constantly on me for something, I admire his style!

Great Service, Frank! Thank you again.


Chris P


Chris (cp983)

Beyond Impressive!


can't thank you enough for all your work and dedication to helping others for a paltry fee compared to the education and wisdom you provide on a daily basis.

I am now getting close to my first months end as a RT subscriber and would like to now upgrade to a 6 month membership for your outstanding service my friend....

Have now had the best investing month of my life and have netted $230k and plan to give a nice 10% check to the wounded warrior fund as a donation another 10% to the SPCA (big animal lover here).

I know what it is like building a business from the ground up as I have done it myself. Takes many late nights and endless dedication to your clients and you my friend are no stranger to either of those. I will be sharing my great experience with others so keep up the great work and you will inspire many others to be great as well..!!


Jimmie G in Dallas area (Shotta3613)

Real Story : 0 to 5,000 in 3 months

Followed clue for a long time and after tracking his charts and ideas on StockTwits, I decided to try my hand at options. With a small test account of around $500, I followed his SCTY idea at the end of Sept 2013 and bought 2 Oct 2013 $35 calls for an average price of $2.23. A little over 2 weeks later, I sold them for $17.30 for a 775% return.

Then in mid Dec 2013, I again followed his SCTY idea and bought 100 Dec 2013 $56 calls at an average price of $0.49. A few days later, I sold them for an average price of $1.27 for a 250% return.

Long story short, I continued to trade and follow his ideas such as TWTR, TSLA, FB, PCLN and more to help turn a small account barely over $500 into $125,000 in barely over 3 months.

Since then, clue has continued to make amazing calls prior to stocks making explosive moves which have led to huge winners. He and his service continues to help expedite my learning curve as a trader.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity cost and valuable time that he sacrifices to provide his service to us as he makes a ton more money trading than the subscription rates he charges for his service. He does not need to share his ideas to any of us but I am one that is extremely grateful that he does as he has provided me a trading education that would be valued a lot higher than what he charges.

Thanks Clue!


Options Prime

Andy K

Brilliant service!!

I have used the Clueless real time service for over a month now and it is a gem. The daily analysis and charts posted are both detailed and accurate. For someone like me with a busy day job its not easy to follow the market and act upon it in real time, however Frank makes it possible. I have successfully traded on various indices and stocks as a result of real time feeds and the daily charts.Choosing the right stock at the right time would otherwise be next to impossible.

An added bonus is the insight into trading strategies, macro global analysis and the risk management tips that the service provides. So if you are an active trader or a new trader, you will benefit immensely from signing up with Frank, try the real time service! (Do make sure though that you build up on to the recommendations gradually if you are a new trader as this guy is quick;))..

If you are trading and want to make profits, this IS the GO-TO Service!!

Thanks Clueless...Love da charts, Love da service.


Thank You !

It really does pay to follow Clueless8.

Thank you, thank you, your timing in trades is unbelievably accurate. I'm starting to feel more confident in this market once again because of the information you provide to all of us who are loyal followers. Your lessons for understanding HFT’s, and Algos give you the feeling that you're peeking inside big-money hedge funds.

Really appreciate the technical analysis lessons you give while explaining charts.

The bottom line here is that I appreciate everything, thank you again.


Impressive Profitability

I gotta say, I've been in a lot of Subscriber Chat rooms over the years. This has to be the most consistently profitable room I've ever been in.

Not to mention, coolest crowd !




I've already written a testimonial on here, but feel compelled to do so again. With the addition of the 7-day free trial, there is no risk in seeing what kind of value is added from subscribing to this service. Why not give it a shot?

You'll soon see that this is by far the most accurate and reasonably priced investment blog you'll find. The live twitter feed makes it easy to follow Frank's trades and charts, as well as anything that changes in the immediate macro landscape.

Following Frank's charts has consistently resulted in some of the best returns I've had in my many years of investing.


Steve W


Steve W.

Amazing Week


I made enough this week on your TSLA to pay for your service for the next 500 years!
A big THANK YOU !!!!

I could be retired by now if I had followed all of your recommendations
since April 15th.


Old Salty


Superb Service

Simply superb!

I subscribed last week and found quality picks so far. More importantly Frank spends a lot of time in educating readers on market direction and how things work rather than blindly handing out picks.

Membership is a no brainer imo, even if you do not trade daily money is well spent on understanding markets and placing quality trade whenever you have the time.


Gains, gains....and more gains

Who needs 8 monitors?  With all these profits Clue helped me make, I can get a 3   50" flat screens.
Great resource for anyone wanting true Market Analysis and excellent Real Time updates.
Sign up today, you will not regret it!

Reece (theoctagon)

Following ClueLess Wisdom !

$10,000 in gains this week, what more can I say?

Learning to stop Analyzing &  by following
the Clueless wisdom. Wait, but why?  Reap the rewards.

Rebecca Wyatt

Amazing Week already ...

If you haven't at least done the 7 day free trial you truly are cheating yourself !

This isn't a stock picker website, it's a place that makes you aware of what influences the market, teaches you how to read charts and overall become a more Disciplined Trader.

Look no further than his results, TSLA SCTY exploding up the past two days? He had seen the writing on the wall for weeks and every REAL_TIME  member, even on the day of these breakouts were put in the perfect position for success.

Thanks again Frank for all your hard work!


Matt B


Matt B

Thank You ClueLess8 !!!

Posted on StockTwits : A very Loyal & Early Follower ( 1st or 2nd Follower on ST since April 2011 )

"@jarym@ClueLess8  $TSLA calls from .79 to and $SCTY $1.79 to $14 / Both conservative too (Jun27 exp. ATM strikes)!

Thanks again :-)"

Great Commentary

Fingers crossed for that downturn Clue! Can’t wait to get in on some of those waterfall prices!
Keep up the great commentary, it helps us “new guys”


RC (new member)


Bazooka $$ Trades

You *must* trade with Clue to see the potential power bazooka it gives to your account. Its just not trading with him, long term it will help master the real trading. Learning with him and bought the RUT calls last week when he alerted & when it was lows and nobody was buying.

My RUT Calls 1150C at 4.7$ gave staggering 700% returns at 29$.

There are many other long list of fast and furios trades ... which we did ....the above is just an example.

Learn to trade with Frank to become a master of your own trades ....without dogma!

New Member Joined last week

Huge$$$ Day!

 6/5/14 Yesterday: shotta3613 :  New Member 

With CLUE's  help I was able to make over $25k  today alone!  A great trading day for sure!


Fantastic Results

Month two premium member. Fantastic results $$$, learning so much about how to look at charts and the market the clueless way! I always studied the charts while following Clue on Stocktwits but I really needed to join Clue's site to put the clues together for the big picture. This is exactly what I hoped for and encourage others to join up and see for themselves.

Thanks Clue!

Ed Morgan

Thank You !

i can't thank you enough for your service.


Very Impressed !

I've been a long-time follower of Clueless8 on stocktwits. It was an easy decision for me to join his service after witnessing the incredible accuracy of his calls. After just one month with the service, I can tell you that I am more than impressed (and I am not easily impressed). The videocasts provide an excellent view into the clueless8 world of trading, and are very helpful in preparation for the days/weeks ahead. I am a very part-time trader with a full-time day job and two very young kids at home. Although I don't always have time/capital to follow every trade/chart, I can tell you the trades that I have made with the help of Clueless8's charts have been among the most profitable trades in my 8+ years of trading. This service is a "must have" for any trader, advanced or novice. You wont find a better value anywhere! I am truly grateful for everything Clueless8 has taught me, and would recommend this service to everyone.

Thanks for everything - printing money with this service!

Steve W.

Steve W.

200% Gains

join his service last week and did 3 trades 2 on Googl ,1 Pcln all for 200 + % gain in 24 hours very clear explanations on EOD chart report thanks Clue. Have safe memorial weekend.


Stop Wasting Your Time & Join Clueless!

I have only been a part of Clue's service for the past 2 weeks, but I have followed him very closely for over 2 years. As a fellow chartist, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Clueless' work. He is probably one of the most talented, fearless, hard working pros out there. It's no wonder he has over 10,000 FOLLOWERS on Stocktwits.

Once you learn his style and follow his charts, you will quickly realize how deadly accurate his charts and how consistent his calls are. No one can be a 100% correct, but Clue comes pretty close.

Those who are already following him on his real-time service are enjoying inside information on the moves before they happen. have already realized how eerily accurate his calls are and are banking huge profits. I also like that he provides a look into the overall markets and the macro-economic picture on a daily basis.

Its pretty straightforward. Stop wasting your time. Join the REAL TIME service. Learn from Clue's EOD market and stock view. You won't be sorry.

I highly recommend him.

Les (lcc007)

Don't be penny wise pound foolish !

I am not impressed easily with that being said Clueless has far exceeded any expectations I had regarding his service. I joined because I had followed him on Stocktwits for years..in fact I was his second follower. I joined just out of curiosity as I am not a fan of subscription services. I have been blown away..the time and energy he puts into his service is beyond reproach. I listen to his videos,study his videos,learn form his videos and then make informed decisions on my trades. This service will keep you in tune with the market day by day. His real time twitter feed is worth every penny. Do not be penny wise pound foolish,it amounts to just two dollars a day.. Stop what you are doing and do not waste another moment missing out on this service. Join today and you will not regret it. I am hooked and look forward to each day on his new commentary....As the saying goes try it you may like it.. I now feel more in tune with the market which is a good feeling...thanks for all you do...cheri1


Brilliant Service!!

I have used the Clueless real time service for over a month now and it is a gem. The daily analysis and charts posted are both detailed and accurate. For someone like me with a busy day job its not easy to follow the market and act upon it in real time, however Frank makes it possible. I have successfully traded on various indices and stocks as a result of real time feeds and the daily charts.Choosing the right stock at the right time would otherwise be next to impossible.

An added bonus is the insight into trading strategies, macro global analysis and the risk management tips that the service provides. So if you are an active trader or a new trader, you will benefit immensely from signing up with Frank, try the real time service! (Do make sure though that you build up on to the recommendations gradually if you are a new trader as this guy is quick;))..

If you are trading and want to make profits, this IS the go to service!!

Thanks Clueless...Love da charts, Love da service.


ClueLess8 Pays Big!

It really does pay to follow Clueless8.

Thank you, thank you, your timing in trades is unbelievably accurate. I'm starting to feel more confident in this market once again because of the information you provide to all of us who are loyal followers. Your lessons for understanding HFT’s, and Algos give you the feeling that you're peeking inside big-money hedge funds. Really appreciate the technical analysis lessons you give while explaining charts.

The bottom line here is that I appreciate everything, thank you again.


It Pays to be Clueless!

Been following Clue for years, mostly for his clueless banter & colorful charts. There's no doubt the man has magical crayolas because his chart analysis and targets are insanely accurate. I used to get terrified & euphoric with the ups & downs in this market... Now I just stay clueless & my trading account thanks me for it!


Just follow da Charts!

Just wanted to give credit to Frank, have been a follower on S-T for over a year now, took me a while to understand his out-of-the-box thinking, but have ended up receiving invaluable market education as well as trading tools to further my own enhancement as a trader.
Over time Frank has demonstrated that his methods stand up to scrutiny, are accountable, and immediately actionable.
For this, and his hard work, I cannot thank him enough.
I wish him my very best, and recommend his site as the most valuable online trading experience I could have asked for.

Demetrios P

WOW!! Just Phenomenal!

I signed up over the weekend after looking at some of your charts on Stocktwits. Was very impressed with the information and your mindset. I really feel like I can place orders with confidence!! Looking forward to MANY more months of following your advice and learning your system.


Dave O.

Trading Experience Update

Yesterday Google put in a massive bullish reversal and Frank posted charts for upside suggesting call options with suggested strikes and expiries. His charts included targets and suggested stop values.

Today, Google dipped at the open, was quite scary I imagine for most. Frank tweeted in real-time to add at this point and I picked up some conservative (At-the-money and 2 weeks out) call options for $5.60. The ask as of closing today was $9.40 and I happily took some gain but remain aware of where the upside targets are.

I've never been very good at knowing where to buy, what strikes/expiries to use or where to sell or stop out. In short, my entry parameters and risk management is usually off by a mile. Frank's is one of the few services that includes all of this information and I can't thank him enough for it. Ironically, when he started this service he stated his hesitation to offer such 'hand holding' but I am ever so grateful that he does.

I also watch his index video updates very carefully. I find them educational in a way that let's me learn a trading style and I'm grateful for these too as I know they require a lot of effort on his part.

Thank you again Frank/Clueless!


Jared Miles

1st day !

Great job today. First day active as a premium member and could not be more pleased!

Ed M.

Ed Morgan

Actionable & Uncanny !

Great site. Actionable trades every day...intaday as well.

Hands down improved my trading, thinking, and understanding of the markets and individual stocks.Frank's nightly videos and charts are uncanny! This site gives one the ability to combat the HFT's and ALGO's that seem to take advantage of the individual investor.

If you trade on the technicals...YOU NEED ClueLess INPUT on this site!
Thanks for the tireless work Frank (ClueLess8)!
K Novak


AAPL Bonanza !

I don't usually trade earnings but knew that Clueless8 was bullish.

I have him to thank for over 2000% gain on OTM calls in AAPL, a trade I would not have taken if not for him.

What a ride! Overcoming my fears one trade at a time. Looking forward to the next one.

Love the site, charts and clueless wisdom!


B. Wyatt

Rebecca Wyatt

FEAR Conquered!

Thank you Clue!

I am a long time follower. Your Real Time service is amazing.

The charts, video updates, twitter feed, entry points, price targets and stop loss levels have
helped me to book large gains in my account in the last two weeks.

All with clearly defined risk management.

I have conquered fear and trade with conviction now that I am a ClueLess8 Real Time subscriber!


Brian M

Brian M

A Loyal Follower

Just wanted to say thank you. Been following on StockTwits for years and your clueless charts have consistently been uncanny in their accuracy. I don’t know how you do it and probably never will but respect your work. If I’d only listen to you more I’d be banking huge profits.

This website and daily update videos are an excellent addition to your StockTwits stream. I’m very happy that you’re posting trade ideas that include which strike and expiry to consider in your Twitter stream. The other pleasant surprise is you’re including entry/exit/stop-losses – something that few other services offer. Thank you Clueless a.k.a Frank!

Jared Miles

A Big Thank You !


You have one of the most easy to use stock website around. Like you have mentioned, anyone that wants to look at your past history just needs to look at a couple of weeks of charts to understand the time and effort you put into the craft.

I am grateful and THANKFUL that you are helping us understand the market and give us your very unique and extremely timely insights into the market.



A young 'Clueless' fan


AAPL Trade


PCLN : Intraday Trade Alert !

Frank knows!!!.

$PCLN alert today paid my bills for months capturing 30+points intraday. Even if you know your stuff its good to have other eyes and ears out there to bank more $$$

Kevin Gould

AAPL : Intraday Alerts

Thank you sir. Got in on aapl calls at 6 and out at 8.


   The videos are excellent - thanks!

Extremely helpful. Thanks

They're great prep for the day. Keep 'em coming

Been following on StockTwits for years

Just wanted to say thank you. Been following on StockTwits for years and your clueless charts have consistently been uncanny in their accuracy. I don’t know how you do it and probably never will but respect your work. If I’d only listen to you more I’d be banking huge profits.

This website and daily update videos are an excellent addition to your StockTwits stream. I’m very happy that you’re posting trade ideas that include which strike and expiry to consider in your Twitter stream. The other pleasant surprise is you’re including entry/exit/stop-losses – something that few other services offer. Thank you Clueless a.k.a Frank!

Index / Equity Performance


I love your site, thanks for all the good work. Since I joined your service, you've made great calls on indexes and individual stocks. I would highly recommend everyone who has not subscribed to this service. You will amaze how Clueless made all the calls and his dry sense of humors.

Good work boss.INDEX

Mike T



In two days I'm up over 20%!! I was misguided before, but now I'm 'Clueless' and it's awesome!


Sean Hutcherson


Clueless Realtime Premium Subscription: Priceless!!!

Todd Schleuger
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